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Aedh Wishes for The Cloths of Heaven

The making of art piece by Jane Murtagh and Catriona Yeats

Caitriona Yeats & Jane Murtagh 

About The Yeats Open Air Gallery Piece #1 : Aedh Wishes for The Cloths of Heaven

This collaborative piece is made using copper sheet that has been gilded and patinated. The centre piece depicting a fragment of cloth is forged, woven wire which is guided and patinated. The eight panels, using the techniques, etching and repousse depict close up views of landscapes and plants related to the landscape Yeats walked through. 

About Caitriona Yeats 

Caitriona is a harpist with the Danish Orchestra and grand-daughter of W.B. Yeats. She chose the poem Aedh Wishes for The Cloths of Heaven

“I am delighted to have been asked to be the first collaborator in this project which brings the work of my grandfather to the public in such an accessible manner. Pollexfen House is a fitting place to locate the work and for him to be remembered and celebrated. Jane was a pleasure to work with and I am delighted with the unique art piece she has produced from our discussions.”

– Caitriona Yeats

 About the artist – Jane Murtagh

Jane Murtagh Jane lives and works from a farm on the North bank of the Shannon Estuary. She has been developing a visual language combining comtemporary practices and sensibilities with ancient techniques in metalworking – casting, repoussé, etching, patination and gilding. 


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